Implementing hints for success in college

I found Jeff Bennett’s article to be very useful.  The main thing that I need to work on is the time spent studying.  This is my third semester back in school after twenty years.  When I was younger, unfortunately I didn’t take college seriously.  Now that I’m older and have experienced so much in life, I’m very determined to give my best effort at college, to the point of over-studying at times.  After reading this article, I realize I need to find a better way of using my time and my study methods.  I’ve always highlighted information, however it makes sense that underlining words or phrases would make it stand out more.   I have never participated in any study group, though I’ve been asked to.   I’m not accustomed to asking anyone for help where my grades are concerned; but studying with others sounds as if it could be very helpful.    One of the main things I will focus on in the future is to not stay up late the night before a test studying.  It seems as if it’s just human nature to do so, but I can recall being on my way to take a test and feeling worn out.  

The one thing that has helped me the most in studying is writing information down.  Using index cards to make flash cards, for me, has been the best way to study for most classes.  However, I also take many notes during class and read over everything; not only right before a test, but continuously throughout the semester.   

I will also remember to read back over all assignments before turning them in, and to read them out loud.  That hint is very useful for me because I tend to ramble in general when I speak, and that happens when I write as well.  Reading out loud will make it easier to determine when I need to remove a line or two (or ten!).

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