Overwhelming Life at College

Well, I must admit when I first walked onto Lonestar campus a week ago I was scared out of my mind. Being a junior in a small private high school and being shoved into the life of a college student is a big change. I am surrounded by different faces, new ideas, and a very a different atmosphere.
Jeff Bennett outlined some key points in “Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes”. One of these being the need to study. I am the type of person that doesn’t ever study for any test and only through the grace of the Man Upstairs, I make high A’s. But as I am learning already, the same does not fly in college. This is a whole different ball game. I have to push myself to study until I know the material like the back of my hand.
Bennett also give some great advice on preparation for exams, strategies for homework, and hints on writing assignments. I believe that if i apply myself and follow these guidelines and “hints”, I will maintain very well in college life.

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