Searching for Good Study Techniques

As a junior high school student, I didn’t care about getting good grades and didn’t apply myself.  During my high school years, I was a home-student.  My study was unstructured, and I was unsupervised much of the time.  As a results, I have not developed a study style that works for me and am struggling to find effective ways to learn the material presented in my courses.  It is important that I do so, because it is my goal to enter a nursing program.  Nursing is a very competitive field, and it is imperative that I do well and earn all A’s.

Personally, I didn’t find the guide to succeeding in college very helpful, because I already do most of the things that Jeff Bennett recommends.  I study more than the recommended amount, and I found most of the other suggestions such as attending class, doing additional reading on a difficult subject, and turning in papers with correct grammar and sentence structure somewhat obvious.  I would have appreciated more specific advice about note-taking and study techniques.  I did think his advice about using a pencil to underline as opposed to a highlighter was interesting, and I have started to do that.

I know everyone has different study techniques that work for them.  I am sure with time I will find one that works for me.

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