Success in College

After reading Jeff Bennett’s hints on college success I have to admit that I feel a little overwhelmed. Well, jumping into college strait out of high school is something everyone does and I can honestly say that I’m not exactly the type who likes to study multiple hours a day. After looking over the recommended hours of study per week I feel as if I am on the right track, although I forget to take notes over the subject that I happen to be studying for. Although there are tons of studying strategies out there it seems as if Jeff has found quite a few that usually work for most subjects.

The preparations for exams that Jeff suggests seem very adequate, even though I personally have not had a college exam to apply them to. While I tend to not over study for exams, I really wish I would have in high school. The exams I’m referring to are the SAT and the ACT, these are the tests that I wish I would have spent a days worth of studying on so that I would have possibly been placed in different math classes and so on.

Over all one may assume that the relative strategies, hints and tips in the college world would come along very scarcely. I personally am going to take full advantage of these study tips and implement them into my normal studying habits.

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