The Exciting Journey of Finding Myself

I chose this as the title of my autobiography because there was a time when I thought I had forgotten who I was.  As a very young girl, I had always wanted to be a wife and a mother.  I treasure these two titles, they are two of the most important titles that I will ever hold. 

My husband and I had always had the plan that I would return and finish my education when our youngest child went to first grade.  I returned after being a stay-at-home-mom for ten years.  My first class was an art appreciation class.  Our first assignment was to draw a picture of things that represented who we were.  I drew a house and three figures that represented my husband and two children.  I turned this in and then questioned myself.  “Who are you?  Do you even know anymore?”  I didn’t and I was excited to find out. 

I thought that I would discover a whole new side to myself.  It has been three semesters now and I have learned that the drawing that once bothered me, represents all that really matters to me.  I know that my education will put me on the path to a new career, this fills me with pride.  However, if I become a better wife and mother in the process, that will be truly rewarding!

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