10 Things I Am Good At

1. Math

2. Dancing

3. Acting

4. Cleaning

5. Planning

6. Speaking

7. Driving

8. Eating

9. Sleeping

10. Working

10 Groups I Am a Part Of

1. Junior Daughters

2. Y-PAC

3. National Honor Society

4. Black Student Union

5. Excellence In You

6. Star Collection

7. Third Ward Community Development Corporation

8. T-Mobile Customer

9. Myspace

10. Facebook

Have you ever went that extra mile to help somon younger than you understand a concept or idea? Well, I have. At the third Ward Community Development Corporation many students, high school and college level, assist elementary and middle school students in learning basic math, science, english, history, and computer skills. We teach how to learn, not what to learn. Wat makes this group unique is that we give children the oppurtunity, not given in a classroom ttin with 15 to 20 others, to do hand on activity and take as much time as needed to grasp a concept. We make a difference not onlin their live’s but also in their grades. After so many weeks in the program these kids are glad to receive report cards and run home to show their parents how well the have done. With this, I am glad to say that I am an active participant in the help of improving the study habis of younger children.

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