Thoughts on how to succeed

      In a perfect world I would be the perfect student who has three hours to study per every credit being taken. I would never stay up late to cram for a test that was scheduled for the next day, and I would be the most organized person that could ever possibly be. In today’s world, however; I find myself rushing to make it in the classroom door before I miss an opening pop quiz, and when I do make it on time the realization hits me that I left my notes for the test on my desk at  home. That is not to say that the advice given isn’t sound, because if the time can be budgeted to where the guidelines are able to be reached, they are sure to mold you into a model student with perfect grades. I think that to make it the most beneficial for me in the future, I should definitely set up goals derived from this list and apply those into my daily routines as much as possible. However, it kind of seems unrealistic to think that it can all be done 100% of the time.

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