Time Managment

Studying for college classes is a very daunting task.  Being able to juggle a personal life along with an academic life is overbearing at times.  Having read Jeff Bennett’s study tips on budgeting time, I felt reassured in my own study habits.  Currently I am taking five classes and a lab.  Of those five classes, two are biology.  According to Mr. Bennett’s study tips, I study the right amount of hours.  I always take notes, participate in class, and do all required readings.  I could improve my study habits by sleeping more, not eating before a test, and rereading important excerpts.  One thing I do not do, that I should do, is underlining important details.  I usually highlight what I think is important, and take notes on the material.  I also think I could create more useful study guides by rewriting homework problems and possible test questions.  I could also implement the use of study groups.  If I were participating in a study group, I would make sure to study before joining the group.  It is important for each member of the study group to know the material ahead of time so that the group does not suffer or have to slow down.  I think that all of the points made by Jeff Bennett were thoughtful and practical.  I could realistically implement all of the study tips, reading techniques, and test preparations into my study routine.            

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