Trying to implement the hints to success…

Upon reading Jeff Bennett’s, “Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes,” I noticed I have a few bumps in the road that I need to work on.  This is my first “real” semester of college. I had taken summer courses prior, but that was no preparation for a full time student status. Rather than focusing all your time and attention on one course you have to delegate time for all four. Though some are harder courses than others, they all need the same amount of effort put in to get the grade that I want. After reading this I have found 3 major flaws that I am needing to work on.

My first major flaw is finding the 2 to 3 hours in each class to study. I feel this is absolutely the most important  hint as well. I do believe that you cannot cram it all in the night before. If I took an allotted amount of time each day for each class, I feel that I would be more than prepared when an exam comes around. Instead of having to freak out and try and absorb weeks of information, I can just focus more on the problem areas and review the rest. I think my stress level will also appreciate this. =)

The next flaw I have to work on is not relying on your study group to save you. I have done this in my Algebra course before. I thought I was helping myself, but in reality I was hurting the group by straining their brains with my lack of studying and their immense amount of knowledge. If I worked the problems on my own, found a few things that I simply was unable to work out, then presented it to the group. I would have been saving them time with not asking them 20 questions and even more importantly I could have  helped them out with some of their questions. The beauty of being in a Community College is that we get to come together as a Community and help one another. I need to pull my weight on my end from now on.

The last thing I am working on as I speak is neatness. I am a very organized person, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else can relate to my method. I find that in all the organized “clutter” I have turned in assignments that have notes from class, doodles, or even worse sometimes a coffee ring from the night before. This is completely unfair to the professor accepting this work. I did put the time and effort into the assignment, but how can they see that when all these distractions jump out at them, literally!

In conclusion, I feel this post was a tremendous amount of help for me. It allowed me to recognize my imperfections, write them out, and work on them. I appreciate the assignment because I hope that this in return will make me a better student, and it can be carried out in all aspects of life.

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