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Being a new student in college is very exciting; yet overwhelming, some students are intimidated about the amount of work that is required of them and are often bewildered on how to fit college into their daily lives. “Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes” by Jeff Bennett provides college students a valuable resource to follow. I think that Jeff Bennett has done an exceptional job with his guideline for success in college. These tips for success in college are something that every college student needs to know. Whether they follow them or not is the question. Many students are not aware of what is expected of them in order be a successful student in their college courses.  So I think that this guide gives a student insight into college life and could help students be productive in their studies. As for me, my first semester in college I felt as if I were a fish out of water; I did not know anything about being in college. I had been out of school for a good while but I approached college with an optimist attitude. Attendance was extremely important because I believed college to be my full time job. I studied countless hours with little sleep. However, I realized this was not the best approach since I was so tired the next day and could not even concentrate on the material that I study for. So I sought out counseling and attending seminars on campus on how to study and this helped a great deal. Now I am a more confident student and my grades reflect hard work and determination. Overall, I think that I am a more successful student because I follow similar guidelines to Jeff Bennett suggestions. I think students would definitely benefit from Jeff Bennett’s tips and should consider some of his recommendations. Even though his recommendation on time management may seem impossible It will help each student become more efficient while studying. Furthermore, I know that having a study group has helped me get through some difficult subjects. I am so grateful to the many people that have helped me  on my journey to become a Nurse. Now that I have mastered certain concepts on how to study effectively I try to offer my assistance to anyone who may be struggling in college.

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