Proposal Checks

1. Read through the entire proposal.

2. Make a note of what you did not understand.

3. Make a note of what sounded particularly interesting.

4. Do they have each section of the paper?

  • memo format
  • summarize topic
  • problem
  • audience
  • topics to investigate
  • methods and resources
  • qualifications
  • work schedule
  • call to action

5. Who besides Dr. Davis is their audience? Is it believable?

6. Do they have more than one topic to investigate? Does it seem like a comprehensive list? Is it broad enough without being too broad?

7. In methods and resources do they have both primary and secondary resources?

8. Have they listed 5 journal articles? They may have more but they need five. Are they JOURNAL articles?

9. What is their primary research going to consist of?

10. Do their qualifications make sense? Do they include this class?

11. Is their Call to Action actually something that needs to be done?

12. Make sure you mention one thing they did well.

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