Questions for Evaluating Studies

Questions to ask ourselves when evaluating studies…

What is the research question or questions?

What type of design is utilized? Is the design appropriate to the research question?

How many subjects?

What type of sampling was used (i.e. was it randomized?)

What measures were used? Are these measures appropriate to the research question?

What are the main reported outcomes?

What conclusions are drawn from the findings? Do the conclusions match the findings?

What types of bias are likely or possible in this study design? Are there any possible confounding factors you can identify? How did they control for confounders and other bias?

Do you think the study has internal validity? Explain.

If so, do you think the study has external validity (generalizability)? If so, to what groups?

Who funded the study (if noted)?

What questions are missing?

Taken from UNCA Biofeedback Literature Review

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