Candy? Yes, Please!

 Candy is an addictive assortment of goodness.  Whenever you are feeling blue, candy can be the delicious pick me up that you need.  There are many different types of candy on the market, ranging from sweet, salty, and even fruity flavored.  On a cold day, a savory chocolate truffle, with a melt-in-your mouth center, is the ultimate treat.  On a warm summers evening, a cold carmel covered apple could be just what you need.  Old-fashioned, powered, nonpareil candy is also a unique candy that people often enjoy.   Nonpareil candy for instance, is semi-sweet, dry, and chocolatey all at once.  Yummy jellybeans, candy canes, chocolate covered almonds, and hard candies are often enjoyed on the holidays.  Candy is everywhere you look.  During the holidays, everyone indulges in their favorite tasty treats.  When your sad, mad, or happy, candy is there to relish. 

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