Journal prompt #1 My internet involvement :)

I chose to pick prompt #1

– Whats kinds of communication do you participate in online? What do you see as the positive and negative aspects of electronic communication?

The communication I participate in is Facebook. It is the newest biggest thing next to Twitter. It is more for the adult and college kids to keep in touch with friends an family.

-The positive things about internet communication would be for instance, looking for a job; people can give you tips or ideas on where to go. Want to know a great place to eat? Ask someone, they could give you some great places to go. And of course, keeping in touch with family and friends.

-The negative things about this form of communication, is maybe an adolescent girl or boy online could be giving away information about where they are going to be, where they live, on accident. That leads to child predators. My opinion, well I don’t like the interaction that could possibly happen, like posting something about your views on certain subject and having people murder you on a cyberspace level.

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