Online communicating

I use Facebook, Myspace, and my personal email account. I use the email account mainly for work or school or for when I buy things online and they send confirmation. I have stopped getting on my myspace account very often because I don’t like it as well as I like Facebook. Myspace is more middle school or high school level while facebook was originally intended for college students. I am on facebook at least once a day and it is my main way of communicating other than my cell phone.

I like how common the online way of communicating has become. It is much easier for me to stay in touch with people, especially since I have moved around so much. People I haven’t seen in years will send me friend requests and it’s awesome catching up with them. The only thing I don’t like about it is that random creepy people will try to add me and when I ask them who they are they always have some disturbing thing to say. I of course,  block these people or delete them but it still bothers me.

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