The Accident

The blog we read about the paramedics night on call brought back some horrible memories for me. I too was in a similar accident like the one we read about today. The way the Medics described the scene almost sent me into tears. I have not tried to think about this event that changed my life and my brothers life forever, until today.

     March 17, 2002, we just finished an amazing church service. Unlike the kids in this story, we were not drinking, unless you count the grape juice served at communion. It was St. Patricks day and I was 16 years old, we were all bored and wanted to go to the lake to have a fun day and just be kids. Our friend Chris had a brand new Convertible and we all deemed this the perfect time to take it out with the top down. On  our way to the lake we had to take a country road that is windy at times. Chris, being a inexperienced driver, lost control of the car and sent us doing a ping pong effect on the road. We flew over the ditch, went through a barbed wire fence, and landed on a stump that hung over a cliff ( had that stump not have been there we all would have been dead, the police later told us). When the car finally came to a stop, I looked over at Chris and he looked at me and we both stated we were OK. I looked back, and it was like a scene from a horror film. My brother is laying lifeless over my friend Kelli’s body. She begins to scream because we have no concept of what is happening. I immediately jump out of the car and grab my brother, I am barefoot and somehow acquire the strength to carry him over my shoulders to the nearby road, which was about 200 yards from the scene. I rip my shirt off and try and clot the blood. I tell him it will all be OK and begin yelling for help. This again was a country road and there’s not that many cars that pass by. Finally when one approaches they did not see the car because it was so far back in the brush, but they saw my brother. They called for help on the radio and began asking questions. When the police, ambulance, and care flight came they said my brother would not make it but packaged him up and put him on the flight to Waco. I was put in an ambulance with Kelli to go to the small town hospital to get checked out. I ended up with a broken sternum from wearing my seat belt. Kelli had a hole in her hand from where a thorn punctured her. Chris walked away with nothing. My brother, had the worst injury of all. He was in a coma for 2 weeks, his upper jaw was completely ripped out from when the barbed wire flicked over the car, and his whole maxilla was exposed, but, he is alive today. We have not really spoken of the accident, but when I see his scars I cannot help but be reminded of the day our lives changed. It was the same bloody gory scene that the paramedics spoke of.

   After reading this blog from the medics view, it just makes me that more anxious to be in the field. I want to be able to be the help that my brother, Kelli, and I recieved that day. It makes a difference to not only you, but the patient, and all their loved ones.

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