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There are several different forms of online communication I use.  Email, instant messaging, social-networking sites, and blog posting are the most frequent types of online communication I use.  Email, is the number one form of communication I use.  Without having an email address, I would be at a great disadvantage in my scholastic and personal life.

Positive aspects of online communication include sharing of information, staying connected with family, and easy access to just about anything.  I usually use the internet to gather information for research purposes.  The negative aspects of online communication are present too.  Too much time on the internet can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, or even a dependency to the internet.  Additionally, if young people are left to their own devices online, it could lead to being abducted or solicited for things of a sexual nature.

I think that internet use should not be given a bad rap.  Internet use should be monitored for minors, and it should not be used as the only source for information.

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