My Past Addiction

My choice of communication used to be on Myspace.  It was probably about a year ago when I was extremely addicted to Myspace.  I would wake up and go straight on Myspace, it was my life.  It was sort of depressing.  I talked to friends and people I never even met.   I displayed my photography on there and I would constantly get feedback from friends, so that was the reason why I was on it so much.  A positive way of looking at myspace is I got to chat with new people all over the country.  My photography can be displayed, so friends can see what I am passionate about.  It is also a good way to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away.  They can see pictures and videos of what is happening while they are away.  There were some downsides to commuting online.  I was on the computer all day and night that I started to get back problems.  I started basing peoples’ character by what they wrote online.  I got a false impression of everyone I knew, they were very much different in person.  My computer got a virus.  I believe it was from myspace.  My grades suffered as well.  I would always be online, so I procrastinated on homework.  Now,  things are way better.  I do not find the need to even get on myspace.  I am glad I am over that ridiculous phase.  I still do use it to show my photography though.  I am lucky I have a LIFE now!

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