The Paramedic’s Point of View

I enjoyed this description of the accident  from the point of view of the ambulance driver.  I found  the differences in the way the police-officer and the ambulance driver approached the scene of the accident interesting.  The police-officer was always wondering in the back of his mind how the accident had happened and who had been responsible, whereas the ambulance driver was concerned solely with saving lives.

I was surprised to read that ambulance drivers work 72 hour shifts.  I think this would be hard, and perhaps make them more prone to making mistakes.  Most people don’t function well on little sleep.

I was also a little surprised when the ambulance driver told the police-officer, who was giving one of the kids mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, to stop, and that the kid was not going to survive.  i would have thought one would keep trying, but I guess the ambulance driver, with all his training and experience, could see that the injuries sustained were just too severe.

Again, what a horrible accident.  Very scary.

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