Character Analysis: Catkin

Considering the name “Catkin” ; a real catkin is a very slim, cylindrical  flower that lacks petals. In the story, he can fit inside the palm of your hand, full grown. The Wise Woman named him this also because there were many catkins growing around her house. He is a very static character, he is courageous and smart throughout the whole story.  He is very intelligent in the process of solving the three riddles he needs to be able to take his friend, Carrie, home. He is a talking cat of course, that way we know what is going on in his head.  Throughout the process of meeting with the Little People, he must keep his name a secret or else he could be bound there forever. When solving the last riddle he must reveal his name, knowing it is the only way he can save the little girl. He ends up compromising with the Little People to take Carrie home, and for them to see her when the “nights are shorter“.

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