Italy, a Cinder Setting.

In this version of Cinderella, there were three daughters born to the same father, and their father was whisked away to work in some other land for a time. Two for his daughters sought material things, so it was a time of fashion and finery for Italy. There was a King that lived near by, he held the balls, and invited many, so there were neighbors. Cinderella lived upstairs, so her father had a two story house, and she often sat in the chimney. Later, the setting changes. Now little Cinderella wears sparkling finery and has a pet bird she calls Verdelio. She attends the Kings balls which are bright and luxurious events. Always, the woman leaves at night in her carriage. Having reached her home, she becomes ugly once again, and her sisters tease her. The final setting changes are found in the end of the story where the servants enter her home and she is once more adorned by her bird. The king sweeps her off her feet in the act of marriage and Cinderella asks for many guests to be at the ball. Pulling out a graceful ending, the writer depicts a bountiful party and fancily dressed guests who all live happily ever after.

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