Mother Gothel in “Rapunzel”

Mother Gothel, which translates to grandmother from German to English, was the antagonist in this fairytale.  Mother Gothel, who later becomes known as the witch, is an evil woman who is bitter that she could not bear her own child.  The only thing the witch considers important is her garden, which grows an assortment of lettuce and cabbage.   Upon finding a man stealing vegetables from her garden, she threatens to turn him into the powers that be.  With little to no options, the man agrees to give up his unborn daughter; Rapunzel, in return for no consequence for stealing.  Foolishly upon the birth of his daughter, the man hands over the newborn child to the witch.   The witch soon grows jealous of Rapunzel because she is so beautiful, and upon her twelfth birthday, locks her in a tower.  The witch does not want the gorgeous Rapunzel to have any human interactions, because the witch herself has no male suitors.  Out of sheer jealously, the witch does not allow visitors to the isolated tower.  The tower is surrounded by dangerous prickle bushes to ensure that no one would attempt to see Rapunzel, hoping it would cause eminent death.  The only time Rapunzel has human interaction, is when the witch climbs her long hair to reach the only window.  As the story progresses, a suitor soon comes and impregnates Rapunzel.  Upon realization, the witch who is resentful, cuts Rapunzel’s hair and forces her to live in the forest alone.  When the suitor returns for Rapunzel, he found the witch instead.  Out of hatred, the witch pushes the suitor to the ground below, causing him to become blind.  The witch does not care that she has potentially ruined two lives, and goes on about her daily life.  Even though the suitor and Rapunzel reunite later in the story, the witch is so evil that she even wishes them harm.  The never finds out what has happened to Rapunzel in this version of the fairytale, but is happy that she has ruined the lives of two decent people.             

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