The Little Boy That Cried Wolf

Children like attention and the child in this story falls in love with that attention. Like a dad that is trying to teach his children right from wrong and the value of honesty, the townspeople try and let the boy understand that telling a lie is dangerous to everyone. The boy does the same thing again and again. The people are become disappointed in the boy.

Honesty is a core principle and value. The little boy in this story has to learn that lesson the hard way. When the wolf really does appear, he cries wolf again, and the townspeople ignore his cries. The people had lost faith in the boy.

This story has been a parental aid for generations. As a parent, I appreciate such tools in the effort to steer my children onto the right path.  My youngest daughter is now four years-old. She thrives on positive feedback and family. Discipline is very easy for her, and all it takes is a slight look of disappointment for her to immediately change what she is doing. Even at four, she knows the value of honesty. I have seen adults struggle with that principle. Maybe their family never drove home the point behind, “The Little Boy That Cried Wolf.”

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