Are they blessings?

The ten things I think I am good at are as follows: making plans/lists, math, talking, making a house look like a home, making the perfect homemade fudge on the first try, loving my family, putting other peoples feelings before my own, sketching with charcoal pencils, cooking meals for big families, and I am great at customer service.

Ten groups I am part of are; daughters, children going to school with a parent, people pursuing  a nursing degree, dog owners, natural mediators, people who have known at least four of their great grandparents, sisters, toyota owners, married women, and Class of 2005!

The most unique group that I belong to has to be people who have known at least four of their great grandparents.  It was truly an honor to be surrounded by such wisdom as a child.  Although all have passed on I will forever be able to say that I was raised with a truly complete family.

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