My Uniqueness.

My brother says that I think I am great at everything, which I am, but there are just a few things I am good at, according to me.

10 things I am good at: Eating, Hunting, Fishing, Arguing (with my mom), Always being right (or at least trying to be), Getting people’s attention, Keeping my boyfriend in line, Listening to others, Cleaning up after my dog (into everything), and Loving God and others.

10 groups I am a part of: dislexia (sort of), blue eyes, blonde hair (ditsy), texting, taken, sister, daughter, full-time college student, hunters,  and Christian Youth Group.

One thing that I find very interesting is the “cell phone”. What would the world be without cell phones? In the 1970’s there were no cell phones and people got by just fine. Today there are children who are about 5 years old and already have cell phones. I remember when cell phones did not have color to them with only three ringtones to choose from and now you can check the weather, emails, and anything else people can think of. It interest me because of all the new stuff people can do with a cell phone and how their lives would be doomed if they did not have one.

Chelsea Babcock

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