Sleepy Mutt Likes Cats, Food!

10 things I am good at: Organization, driving, mathematics, frugality, salesmanship, being open-minded, taking care of three cats, typing, sleeping, and boyfriend things (taking out the trash.)

10 groups I am a part of: Short people, news junkie, Austin Film Society, Ebay Top-Rated Seller, Austrians, Philippinos, Moroccans, regular Hawaii travelers, Texans, and foodies.

I feel there are many unique things about myself, but one trait that brings joy in my life is trying new food. My fascination with trying something new is almost debilitating from a financial standpoint. Hyperbole aside, my next target in the greater Houston area is “Goodson’s Cafe ” of Tomball. A chicken fried steak (wiener schnitzel for us Austrians) worthy of a program on A&E is worth the drive. If I am disappointed, I can hedge my bet by stopping by “59 Diner” on the Tomball Parkway. If it is like the one off Shepherd near Rice Village, they will have great anything.

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