What Makes Me Who I Am

10 things I am good at: Working hard, texting, cleaning, listening, taking care of my animals, talking, shopping, organizing, being a friend, and being a wife.

10 groups I am part of: Veterinary Technician, Lone Star College, married, pet lover, traveler, sister, aunt, friend, buckeye, and class of 1998

I think the most interesting thing about me is my love and dedication to my animals.  I have three cats and two Rottweiler’s which isn’t surprising because I work at a Veterinary Hospital.    Both of my dogs are old, but one has been in and out of the hospital for the past eight months.  He has a problem with his heart beating fast (Tachycardia) and having Arrhythmia’s (VPC’s).

At home, my husband and I have to give him medication four to five times a day and check his heart rate and pulse twice a day.   We take him into the clinic once a week to check his ECG, weight and blood pressure.  When I am at work for a long period of time someone has to come check on him.  On a bad day (once every two months),  I have to cook bland foods like rice, chicken, hamburger or baby food and monitor his ECG and vital signs every two hours.  The most interesting part is when he is having problems, he never acts as if he’s having Tachycardia and VPC’s .  Overall, he is still very active and wants to play more than he is allowed.

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