Smile for the post

Ten things i am good at:

1.Writing my own stories


3. Open minded conversations

4.Directed absract thought


6.Mountain biking

7.Listening to music

8.Listening to people

9.Ignoring people


Ten groups im apart of.

1.Guys with long hair

2.people that actually can cook

3.The “i like steak with mayo and tomatos”

4.Men in black

5.Fast walkers union

6.Slow typers union

7.The “i am an individual who will not be divided” group

8.Fast eaters

9.AAA, but a nonreconized member

10.Those without a car

1 paragragh…

Directed absract thought;

 I have not yet stated an idea that could not be written as an explanation. Thus my goal will be to collect thoughts that might one day lead to clarity for all. Still, we choose to ignore the basics which lead us in the direction in which we aim. Then why cant more people be open to ideas pasted from another?… I haven’t got an answer.

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