You would never know.

10 things that I am good at: 1. Cutting hair 2.  Awsome listener. 3. Soccer mom. 4. Morning person. 5. Applying makeup. 6. Wedding up-do’s 7. Scrapbooking. 8. Taking pictures. 9. Not shy 10. Playing book worm.

10 groups I am a part of: 1. Visible Changes Focus Team. 2. The PTO 3. The National Rifle Association. 4. The Texas Concealed Handgun Association.5. I am part of the group of people that loves Italian food. 6. A sentamentalist. (I cry when I watch a chick flick or hear a good country song.) 7. I am a rocker at heart. 8. Iam part of the brunett club. 9. I love the color black 10. I am part of a huge family.

     I believe that everyone is unique in there own way, however what makes me unique is that Iam a multi tasker. I love to be challenged. I work full time and go to school and last but not least, I have the privilage to make people feel and look pretty everyday.

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