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In high school I had always been the type of student that put studying off until the night before.  I would tell myself not to do the same thing for the next exam.  When I started taking college classes years ago, I finally started to get a studying routine down.  I try not to miss any classes so that I will not miss out on any notes or change in assignments that might occur.  I found that studying at least 3-4 hours per day is very helpful for me.  I am taking 7 hours this semester and have been studying at least 3 hours per day.  I took English 1301 more than 10 yeas ago, so I am very nervous about my grammar and punctuation.  I feel that in this class, more studying and review will be a must.I am working full-time and attending college part-time.  Budgeting my time is fairly easy since my work schedule does not change.  

I have gotten a couple of classmates phone numbers so that we can communicate if there are any questions regarding assignments.  I have tried study groups in the past, but that did not work for me.  While studying, I have noticed that underlining  and taking additional notes is easier for me.  If I write down the information more than once I feel it might be easier for me to remember.

Studying for a test I feel I am always prepared, but when the test is handed to me in class my mind is blank.  I have serious issues with test anxiety.  I have to work on that.  

I am looking forward to new experiences this semester may bring.

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