Hints in How to Succeed in College Classes

I have found in my two weeks back at school that I am easily distracted. If I see something shiney out of the corner of my eye while reading a homework assignment, I’m a goner! I read the assigned article on study hints with much hope and anticipation and I believe that there is a chance for me.

While I feel very fortunate not to have to choose between school and work; I find that trying to find my balance of not enough studying and too much studying is beginning to take form. I believe that I can give the recommended 6-9  hours of study time for each class and make those hours as effective as possible. Some of the terms used in my classes (i.e. APA form, MLA form), is very foreign to me. Luckily, I have 3 children who have graduated from college and I call on them often for help. They have proven to be my biggest asset in college thus far.

The author suggests underlining pertinent information instead of highlighting, but I have discovered that highlighting is for me. I miss some of what I underline when reviewing but my eyes are drawn to the highlighted areas. My notetaking is improving. I tend to take way too many then can’t find the relevance of most of them. This is still a work in progress.

I haven’t had to turn in any hard copy assignments at this point, however, I have prepared myself to use the first few as a learning experience. One of the best suggestions from the author for me was his suggestion having to do with calculations. Expressing word answers in ways that would be most meaningful made so much sense. His example of expressing 720 hours as a month was a changing moment for me!

I welcome and  truly look forward to the challenges ahead!

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