Learning good habits is essential

All the way through high school I never studied very much. All the material seemed to come naturally for me. Since becoming a college student this has changed. I find myself trying to find better ways to learn and retain the information.

My first semester as a college student I thought I could just breeze through without much involvement. That is not true. I was working at the time so I did’nt apply myself as good as I could have. I had alot of appointments and missed some classes. I crammed my work into the days I had off. To say that I was unorganized was an understatement. I knew this had to change.

I started to learn  from other students different techniques and methods to learning. I always reread my material, highlight, and take lots of notes. This has helped me alot, but not enough. I then decided to go further, I make sure I attend all my classes and learned to study everyday. I agree with all of these ideas and I’m applying them so I recieve the best learning experience that I am paying for.

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