Most of the time when I study, life slows down. I get relaxed when I sit down and have just one thing to focus on. Still, I seem to be to be taking more time to get this out than i should.  I think I will talk to Dr. Davis about some more strategic methods of study. Though i have never really studied with any one else, the theory sounds right. Or when Jeff  Bennet tells to underline rather than to use a highlighter. A pencil line is thin, fine, and requires more focus, I prefer to underline. As far as proper grammer, spelling, or sentence and paragraph structure goes, I am not to sure of my ability in this. However I enjoy constructive criticism, so if someone reads this and finds error, please let me know.


 For a proper story of a small section of my life, we must look at contributing factors; for the next section you will need to know. I have compassion for all. Aswell, you should know I have already experienced the lost of two direct family members. I’m not bragging…

Today is the most happy day i have ever known, only to be exceeded by tomorrow. On the other hand, when i was in the ninth grade I would take on the saddest day of my life. My brother died. Now the last time I talked to my brother in person, he was leaving on a train to go back to Florida. We parted on good terms, happy with each other. A few months go by,and when I talked to him on the phone it seemed he was not getting along with our Aunt Lori and Uncle Randy.  One day, while I was working , my cousin an I got a call to come back to the house, it was an emergancy. When we arried at the house, my Uncle Darrell asked me if i wanted to hear the bad news from him or my cousin. Somehow I was already aware, I could just tell. I had already been through this before, then my cousin told me. I cried like a little kid that violently lost its big toe. Apparently My brother was upset and left, went to a friend’s house and overdosed on cocain. He was eighteen years old. Through experiances like this you can teach yourself alot. Such as a higher understanding of death, or how to deal with the blues. Yet amoung a few other theories, one thing I learned is that any day is as good as you want it to be. Smile if thats your will.

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