My sucess

There is only one of Jeff Bennett’s recommendations that I match up with. I like having a nice and neat presentaion when I am turing in an assignment, but there is some improvements that could be made. I think that it would be very possible for me to implement many of his reccomendations. The “Budgeting Your Time” section would be the section that I need to pay the closest attention to. I honestly spend about half of the time on acedemic studing than what Bennett recomends. I cannot think of a reason why I would not be able to spend the appropriate amount of time studing each week. Stratagies for studing is another one of my weak points, I have a difficult time concentrating and keeping myself on task, the studing that I accomplish is what Bennett calls ineffective studing. I think that using my time more effectively and spending more time would help me raise my grades, I also think that using all of Bennett’s recommendations would lead to a more sucessful college career.

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