Good Study Habits Aren’t Always Easy

The time a student should spend studying suggested by Mr. Bennett is how much time I do spend studying. I don’t always think I use my time wisely, but tend to get good grades. I had a professor tell the class one time that if we are happy with the grades we are making then don’t change our study habits. So, I keep doing what I have always done. Also, I do attend class on a regular basis because I learn better with visuals and listening to the teacher talk and give examples.

I think it is possible to implement the suggestions made by Mr. Bennett. It takes dedication and faith to achieve ones goals. If someone wants something bad enough and believes they can do it, they will spend the time needed to accomplish their goals. Also, being organized is a big part of staying on target. For example, when assignments are noted on a calendar/day planner, it is a constant reminder of when they are due.

I used to use a highlighter when taking notes and started to become a highlighting queen. Now after reading this article I am going to try and use a pen or pencil to mark important information. Also, Mr. Bennett talked about not staying up late before exams. In the past I used to work from 8pm to 9am and then go to school. This semester my schedule has changed at work and I am hoping it won’t be as much of a problem. I do work Monday nights until 2am, but I have off on Wednesday nights before school. I am just hoping that all my exams and major papers will be due on Thursdays, just kidding. One way I can work around this is trying to take Monday nights off or leaving early if I have an exam or paper due the next day.

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