My calling…

I always believed that my calling was to make people feel good. In highschool I went through the cosmetology program so that I  could get my license to do hair. I always thought that doing hair could be my back-up plan; while going to college to get my degree in nursing. As time went by I never went to college to get my degree. I realized that I was making people feel great about themselves. I have so many clients that have no idea that they could look so beautiful. People have no idea that the reason they may have frizzy hair is because they have a natural curl to their hair or that the older you are does not mean you have to cut your hair off. It is quite amuzing at times I have so much fun everyday and I never wake up hating to go to work.

Now, I have made a decision to finally get my degree in nursing. I will still have the opportunity to make people feel great-only this time with drugs. Hopefully, I will have the same fulfillment and satisfaction in nursing as in hairdressing.

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