Organizational Plan

For the organizational plan, a simplified form of an outline, that is due Monday:
1. Thesis sentence:
Ex.: One psychotic cat changed my view of felines forever.

2. Topic sentence:
Ex: My family has always had cats, even when we could not afford them.

2a. Support fact:
Ex: Francoise

2b. Support fact:
Ex: Two babies and Francoise’s son

2c. Support fact:
Ex: Rescue cats

3. Topic sentence:
Ex: My first experience with cats was wonderful.

3a. Support fact:
Ex: Francoise helped deliver me.

3b. Support fact:
Ex: nipped my parents’ heels if they did not help me immediately

3c. Support fact:
Ex: Let me roll on him.

4. Topic sentence:
Ex: “Like father, like son” is not always true; it was certainly not the case with Francoise’s son.

And then keep going until you are finished.

Each paragraph needs to have at least three sentences, but can have as many as ten. Feel free to organize the narrative chronologically. Although it may not be clear from my example, I have.

The minimum length of the paper is 450 words. It should be a narrative, a story, about a time or an event in your life which changed you in some important way. You should at least touch on the way in which the experience changed your life.

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