Sample Organizational Plan for Overview of Controversy

Topic: Chocolate or vanilla?

Thesis sentence: People in the United States are in disagreement on whether chocolate or vanilla is the best flavor of ice cream.


  • statistics on flavors from
  • low level of favorites
  • arguments: color, texture, creaminess

color: vanilla

  • mixes white with black flecks (Quazen)
  • good mix of colors (Crocus)

color: chocolate

  • rich color (Midas)
  • one color throughout (Nichols)
texture: vanilla


  • smooth and more texture because of flecks (Crocus)
  • texture feels creamy (Hasting)
  • texture rich (Bradshaw)

texture: chocolate

  • creamy texture (Midas)
  • no granules (Nichols)
  • thicker tongue palette (Bruener)

creamy: vanilla

  • vanilla creamiest, 20% creamier (Blue Bell)
  • property of vanillan (“Vanillan Properties”)

creamy: chocolate

  • blind taste test chocolate rated creamier (Nichols)
  • chocolate creamier (Haagen Daaz Research)


  • chocolate lovers are louder (Nichols)
  • Vanilla lovers more prominent (
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