Definition Illustration

Young children are like sponges; they soak up everything they hear, and see. The information that they absorb could possibly stay in their memory forever; affecting they way they live when they are adults. I believe this may have more of an effect on young girls, because they idolize people and objects like Barbie, Beyonce, and Hanana Montana. They see the women in the media who get the “glam treatment”, dressing nice, having money to buy nice things. Many young girls compare themselves to women in the media because they want to be “beautiful” like them. The truth is the women in the media don’t even look like what is shown in the media. The perception that beauty is what is seen on the outside is wrong. Although someone may seem “beautiful” on the outside it doesn’t mean that they are on the inside. Beauty comes from the inside, it is a moment in time that causes happiness and awe, and it is a meaningful work of art. Beauty is all of these things but it is not the vanity of what people see on someone’s outside appearance.

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