Faith is when you believe someone and trust them no matter what. Faith is when someone say something to you and you believe them and trust them because they are your friend,best friend, best buddy,sister and they believe you because you never lie. Faith is when someone promise you anything and you believe them and trust them unless they did not keep their promise and just do what they want to do. They think that your just a friend and I do not need to trust you and someone that you do not have faith in or believe. Faith is when you being loyalty to the person and respect the fact you are keeping your promise. Faith is when you trust someone with your heart with no proof of anything. Faith is when you do not ask them any question and believe in them. Faith is when I am doing what I am suppose to do in a relationship and not cheat on your boyfriend but that person have to have faith in you to believe you. Faith is when a promise that is given to someone.

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