Stereotyping comes in many forms. It is not something limited to race but the assumption of ones character by there apperance or by there apperance or what you hear about that person place or thing. Answers. com defines a steriotype as” A conventional formulatic oversimplified conception opinion or image.” One form of steriotyping is prejudjing some one baised on there appperance. You will see alot of this in a high school or colllege setting. The most obvious people who are steriotyped are ones with a physical or mental dissability for example the little retarded boy wearing eyeglasses or the thin short boy in high school being steriotyped or treated as a homosexual by the athletic  muscular hunks due to his nonmuscular narrow built shape. Steriotyping can damage some ones self esteem plunging them into a lifestye which could have beeen avoided due to this prejudjing foe; but in this life today past the 1990’s it is hard to steriotype someone in that aspect because skinny jeans are moving back in style while you have some men with an thick muscular athletic build who are attracted to there same sex. Even though there are differant steriotypes it is being fought to it’s extreme level with increasing diversity.

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