what a real hero is

All through out history a hero is someone who has committed an act of bravery like in the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf sails over from Geatland to conquer Gerndel a demon descended from Cain that plaged Hrothgar’s mead hall in Danes and kills him. He did not defeat the demon and his mother for all of Hrothgar’s treasures and goldhe did it because he was a warrior and his character defined by Germanic heroic code is loyalty, courtesy, and pride. He was loyal to King Hrothgar by keeping this promise to rid the mead hall of Gerndal, courtesy act by killing the demon, and filled with pride at what he had done. To me that is what a true hero is, someone willing to risk thier lives to save millions or just one with out a second thought. Like Beowulf willing to put his life in danger to save the Danes from the evil Gerndal and his mother in order to keep the village safe.

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