Relationships are one of the toughest parts in life for a person to show loyalty. There are many people that can and do show loyalty in their relationship, but the number is greater for the one’s that do not. In my relationship I feel it is my responsibility to be loyal when I have committed to my mate. I show that loyalty by being faithful and true in my relationship. I do not cheat, lie or even engage in cheating or lying. I do not show any form of disloyalty whether I am in a relationship or not.  Another way I portray my loyalty in my relationship is by upholding my word and agreement that my mate and I discussed in the beginning of our relationship when we sat down with each other and put everything out on the table about ourselves, what we like and do not like, what we will and will not deal with in a relationship etcetera. By maintaining my end of the conversation and compromise that we came to I am showing loyalty.

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