There are many types of friendships but one that really stands out to me is besfriend. Best friends do everything together and most of the time it is very hard to break them apart. A best friend is there no matter what, through a breakup, fall out between other friends and anything else. A best friend keeps all of your secrets to his or herself even if they fall out. They also talk about everything together just like Gwen and Karen. These two women grew up together and became friends. They grew up on the same street, went to the same school, and participated in the same events such as chior. As they got older they traveled to many places and never got tired of one another’s company. Now that they are in their fifties their bond is stronger than ever. When one does not have money to pay a car note or the bills on the house, the other helps out. These women talk about everything and give each other advice all the time. They have seen each other cry and wiped each others tears. I have never seen two people so close the way they are and that is what I call a true best friend.

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