Among past generations we have had many brilliant minds to shape the world around us. Good idea’s that individuals have shared with the world are around us everyday. It could be as simple as a computer, a movie, or a car. Great historic leaders are also a great source for positive idea’s. Their mind’s are the greatest tools for creation, for leadership, and are necessary for everyday life. Could you imagine a world if no one had the bright idea of making a television? As long as we have a society we will have powerful individuals to think of bigger better things.

Not every idea is a good one, some people have bad intentions and might think of doing certain things that break moral codes. As long as we hold the ability to create, we have those who destroy what others have worked so hard to achieve. A Holocaust is only achievable if there are people out there agreeing with the idea’s some vile leader thought of. A murder is conceived when one has bad idea’s and acts upon them bringing down the world around them. It comes to show you how easy it is for someone to slip up, with so many idea’s out there who can you really trust.

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