My mother has power, and she utilizes it very well. Mrs. Balan, my seventh grade teacher had a bad reputation of insulting and belittling her students. My year with Mrs. Balan was going fine, she seemed like all the other teachers and not harmful at all. The day came when my classmates and I saw the woman who made children feel unacceptable. That day, she had just finished her English lesson and asked for volunteer students to erase the blackboard. I sat to the middle of the classroom and knew that students in the front row usually sprinted to clean the board. Mrs. Balan halted the two students and sent them back to their seats. She said out load for the class to hear “Andre. Get you two thousand pound batty out of your chair and go clean the board.” I was shocked and caught off guard. I took the slow, embarrassing walk to the board and I wanted to cry. My cousin Esther was a classmate and she was angry. Esther told my aunt Jacky what happened and my aunt told my mother. My mother was upset that I did not tell her what happened but she told me she would take care of it. The next day at school, everyone was chattering away at what happened while I wanted it to be over. The morning had passed with no sight of my mother however, at the end of lunch I saw my mother walking up the stairs towards my classroom. The bell rang before I could meet my mother, students formed lines as usual and proceed to class. When my classmates and I got to the door of our classroom, Mrs. Balan and my mother were in a heated discussion. We had to wait outside our classroom for at least five minutes and when they were done, we came in and sat down. My teacher looked as if her head was about to explode after the meeting that lasted fifteen minutes or less. My mother kissed me goodbye and left. Mrs. Balan was so scared that she never called on me to do anything for the rest of the year.

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