Definition/ Illustration par. 2

Beauty comes from the inside, what makes a person beautiful is not how they look on the outside, but what they do. Society is starting to notice the beauty that individuals do everyday. Celebrities are starting to get more involved in giving to charities and organizations. More importantly children are taking the steps necessary to change the nation for the better. A recent awards show on Teen Nick called the Halo Awards, was publicized to acknowledge the everyday children who go above and beyond the requirements of being a child. Leah Stoltz was only about twelve years old when she found out that she had scoliosis. Instead of moping around or asking to be home schooled so that the children at school wouldn’t back fun of her. Her mother and herself established Curvy Girls, to help to show more awareness about the condition. She also started the organization to help other girls like her establish higher self-esteem and learn to live with it. Another young instauration that was awarded at the Halo Award is Brryan Jackson. When Brryan was less than a year old, his father injected tainted HIV blood into his system in attempt to avoid paying child support. While Bryan’s father serves life in prison, Brryan travels the world to educate children, and speaks about what it is like to live with HIV/ AIDS in hopes to improve the lives of the people living w with. At eighteen he founded his own organization called “ Hope is Vital (HIV)”.

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