Friendship Illustration Paragraph

It is said that friends are the real wealth of a person and I truly believe that it is so. However, how does one really find out who one’s friends are? One day just out of curiosity, I wanted to test an old friend. At that time I was stationed at Venezuela and this friend of mine was in England. I phoned him up and told him that my mother is arriving in London. I requested him to pick her up from the airport and put her up in his house for a month, as I could not come to London during that time. He readily agreed and said that my mother was like his mother and he will do everything necessary to make her stay comfortable. Obviously I was very pleased but also felt quite foolish for putting my friend through this test. When I told him that this was just a joke, he was quite annoyed and quite correctly, gave me a piece of his mind. It is nice to have such sincere friends.

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