Love – Paragraph

Love is having a mother stand and scarifies for her three daughters, having to suffer the physical , and verbal violence of her husband to protect them, because she did not have a job and did not know what to do having that fear in mind being an immigrant to the united states and her husband threatening her I would send you and your daughters back to your native country with out knowing that was against the law , She move forward looking for many helps and knowing laws that could help her for a better home left her house wit her three daughters to live in a shelter were their she received many help from different people , kind people those people who care for other without looking back to the pass divorcing her husband to have a fresh beginning and better living for her family love is when you protect every important thing in your life your family .

Love is giving your life away for the person you love, In this case my friend give away his life for his older brother , it was a typical Friday night there were out to the club his mother had drop them both off , two hours later wild having fun and dancing g, an enemies came to argue with my friends brother , they all got kick out of the club outside the club everyone calm down , my friends  did not have a ride way home so they decided to call there mom and wait outside the club, while waiting the enemies drove past by them and started shooting at my friends brother he stand in front of him to receive all of the gunshots and actually give his life for him this was a terrible tragedy for his family , friend, and I. I believe his in a happy better place and he would always be remembered by the demonstration of love he did for his brother, he is my hero and my only true friend.

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