2323 Questions

“The Sick Rose”

18. What does the worm or caterpillar symbolize?

“The Tyger”

19. What emotional progression does the poem imply in the speaker’s contemplation of the Tyger?

20. What is the answer to the question in line 20, “Did he who made the lamb make thee?”

21. Why does the speaker need to ask the question?

22. Who is “he,” i.e. the lamb’s creator?

23. What is the significance of the poem’s references to “fire,” “burning,” and the “furnace”? What does fire often symbolize?

24. Examine the plate on page 92 – describe the Tyger’s attributes. What sort of “tiger” is this that Blake has engraved? What effect does the odd spelling “tyger” create?

“A Poison Tree”

25. What is the “apple,” and why does it kill the foe?

26. Why does the foe try to steal the apple?

All of these questions are taken (in whole or in part) from Dr. Drake of California State University, Fullerton.

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